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“Exercise Makes You Fat” The case against everything you’ve been told (sold) and what really works for weight loss

Building healthier and happier humans through mindset and connection

The Jowett Method is a private community for weight loss and mindset coaching. It is designed to help people treat the root cause of their weight gain; why they binge or comfort eat and why they medicate with food.


Until a person understands their patterns and triggers they will always turn to food or alcohol when life gets hard. Creator Geoff Jowett believes that most people medicate and celebrate with food. Food (for many) is their source of comfort and reward. TJM changes your relationship with food to stop emotional binge eating and comfort eating.


When you learn to stop comfort eating you can lose all the weight you want. There are more diet plans than any other time in history and society is fatter than ever. The answer is not in another diet plan but rather mindset training to change your relationship with food.

Food for fuel not comfort

TJM teaches people to see food as fuel, not comfort or reward. Do you medicate or celebrate with food or alcohol? Most people do. To effectively lose weight you must change this relationship. While ever food is a crutch and you are eating your feelings you will never be trim.

You might lose weight for a period of time but it will be extremely hard (like most diets). You will feel like you are white knuckling it, hanging on through willpower and discipline but it is not sustainable.  

When you change your relationship with food the process becomes much easier.

No gym or strenuous exercise required

Jowett believes that fitness and weight loss are different. He believes that you can become “fit and fat” if you do not focus on the right things for weight loss. With TJM you do not need to go to the gym or do strenuous exercise. It is walking only (10,000 steps a day is the goal that you can work up to).

Then, when you are within 10kg of your weight loss target you can start the gym if you so desire, but it is optional and not required for weight loss.

Food, mindset and walking hold the key to weight loss and this is the pivotal focus on TJM. It is critical to focus on the difference makers, on the things that matter most.

As part of your membership there are Walk N Talk clubs around Australia, run by members where you can go along, connect and have a walk. Connection with other members is a huge part of TJM. Connection kills addiction. The tribe is a huge part of the success of TJM. You are not alone.

We recommend that you get yourself a buddy in the tribe, someone you can check in with daily via messenger, phone or face to face in your local area. Members who buddy up always get the best results. It is too hard to do on your own.

Live Coaching Daily

Connection with other members is a huge part of why TJM works so well but so too are the daily live video coaching sessions. This is what sets TJM apart. You can ask your questions everyday direct to Geoff, not to a robot or in messenger, but LIVE in the session with Geoff.


Let’s face it, there are hundreds of diet programs out there with recipes and meal plans and home workouts, but no other program coaches you LIVE daily on mindset; and mindset holds the key to sustainable weight loss.


Home workouts, smart phone fitness apps and pretty recipe guides are lovely, but if they all worked everyone would be skinny. They do not treat the root cause of your weight gain. You must understand why you seek comfort in food and learn the tools and strategies to stop. This is the TJM difference.


Members say this is what makes the difference and why TJM works where others fail. 6am Monday to Friday members can jump on a live session with Geoff focusing on mindset and motivation designed to keep them in the zone for the day ahead. The daily check ins make members bulletproof for when life throws them curve balls.


But don’t worry, you can watch the replays whenever you want. You don’t have to view them at 6AM each day, we know that people are busy and have tight schedules. You can watch them during the day at your convenience.

Who is suitable for TJM?

TJM is for people who have tried to lose weight before only to put it back on and are ready to dive deeper into the cause. If you have more than 30kg to lose and are over the age of 30, TJM is a perfect fit. In saying that, the program works for everyone who works the program. You just need to be prepared to do some work on yourself. Personal development is the key to your success.

Members website

Once you sign up you have access to the members site where there is everything you will ever need to lose weight. We have sections on mindset, meditation, psychology, recipes and guides, everything you could ever need and it is all there for you waiting in the members area.


Here you will here from psychologists, meditation coaches, other members and more experts, delivering all the the content you need to live a healthier and happier life.

Where did the method come from?

TJM was created through Geoff’s own personal struggle with addiction, namely alcohol. Through his own personal challenges he discovered that food, alcohol, drugs, smoking and gambling are all the same. They are external feelgoods that many use to medicate internal pain.


Geoff has a sports science degree and has been a weight loss coach for over 20 years but he says the real weight loss breakthrough came through his new understanding of addiction. He believes that overweight people suffer a form of food addiction.


He now applies what he learnt to stop binge drinking to food and weight loss and the results are arguably the best you will see anywhere in the world. People are losing up to 70kg in 10 months.

About Geoff

Geoff Jowett is one of Australia's most successful health entrepreneurs, having helped millions of Aussies through his private gyms and weight loss programs. He co-founded Vision Personal Training in 1999 and was also the creator of the hugely successful Bodytrim weight loss system (2007) as seen on morning TV everyday for almost 10 years.

He has seen the dizzying heights of success and also had some dramatic and soul searching rock bottoms.

Former Australian Personal Trainer Of The Year

Sports Scientist

Champion Bodybuilder

Weight Loss Expert

TV Personality

Geoff also became addicted to alcohol, self medicating through situations in his life that he was not addressing and it has been through his own pain and struggles that he believes he can now be of the most value and serve others with the lessons and learnings.

Geoff realised that his life was not aligned with his values and highest truth and had to make changes.

Recently Geoff has embarked on his new program “The Jowett Method”; mindset training for weight loss and life where he coaches people live daily on mindset for health and happiness, weight loss and life.

This is a movement of people across Australia and now in other parts of the world committed to personal growth, helping others and building their best life.

He is the rags to riches - to rags story - but he says losing it all helped him find himself.

Necessary lessons where he says rock bottom was his solid foundation to start again and find himself and at 42 he is more energised and excited about life than he has been in 20 years.

Through the struggle Geoff says that his love and passion is now helping others find their path and their best self. He believes that his own suffering gave him the gift of genuine compassion and empathy for others and their plight.

“My life is simple now and I am truly happy for the first time. I have my 2 dogs (William and Harry), I ride horses a few days a week and I love my TJM tribe. Simple life best life thank you very much. I am so grateful for the lessons I needed to learn”.

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