21 Day Transformation Challenge - What To Do Now


Tomorrow is the end of the 21 day Transformation Challenge (21DTC). If you want to enter your results (and be a chance to win 1 month coaching with myself valued at $1200) this is what you need to do and submit by Sunday 30th Dec.

When we started I said to pick 5 areas of your life, habits, routines, eating, exercise, that you wanted to improve and score them out of 10. Tomorrow you need to do that again. For example, you might have said you wanted to

Sleep more
Drink less
Have snacks
Read more
Be grateful

And you might have scored these day 1 as


Well now you score them again out of 10 to compare yourself to the start to see your growth and change through this 21DTC. For example


This is a challenge against you - nobody else, to be your best. Once you have done the scores (day 1 and day 21) then simply write 100 words (or less) on how you feel and what is different about you thanks to the 21DTC.

Finally, record your start weight and your weight tomorrow. The results will be assessed on

Change in the scores for the 5 areas
Your 100 word essay about your transformation
Your weight loss

All 3 areas combined determine who the winner is. This is a transformation challenge. I am not just interested in weight loss but rather the deep stuff and the habit change. Weight loss is a factor but it is no more important than the other 2. All 3 areas are given equal value in the judging.

Someone could quite possibly only lose 1kg and win the 21DTC because their habits and processes improved and this is the key to lasting change.

Finally, simply email all of this to to [email protected]

We will kick this off again January 7 next year. I think these 21 day events are brilliant to create focus, urgency, community and accountability. It doesn't matter what others do, but rather only how you improve versus you.

I can’t wait to read all your submissions with pride and excitement. I know you will inspire me.

See you tomorrow night

Geoff xx


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