6 Habits of People Who Live Well


Happy Tuesday. See you in 30 minutes for the LIVE. Following on from last night here are 6 habits of people who live well.

They play the long game

It is not what you can do in 6 months you should be focused on but rather where you can be in 6 years and the person you will become. Successful people focus on the long game, not the quick wins. Fast weight loss is great but where will you be in 5+ years. Get those habits locked in now to guarantee your future success

They focus on today

The working unit of your life is now yet all too few engage in it. They are always too worried about tomorrow. Get clear on your goals and then go deep in the process.

They understand compounding

Nothing good happens fast. You have to stick at something long enough to get the compounding effect. Every professional was once an amateur starting out and it is the same with your weight loss journey. We get good at what we do but if we keep chopping and changing we can never get better.

You must stay the course and let the power of compounding work for you.

They ignore naysayers (SO IMPORTANT)

Successful people are deaf to the mockery of the herd. They focus on their dreams and goals and attack them with a daily vigour.

They play to their strengths

Work out what you are good at and love, and do more of that. What brings you to life? That is what the world needs - you coming to life and shining bright. If you hate where you are in your job and life - MOVE !!

They value failure

Failure is the greatest teacher there is if you're eyes are open. Always look for the lesson and the gift. When life knocks you to the canvas ask yourself “what am I supposed to learn from this”? Don't be the victim. We have to get above the line and take ownership. That is the solid foundation for growth and change.

I hope these little insights are helpful. My goal is to live life well and be the best version of me. I think these are 6 good pillars to aspire to in that pursuit. Have an awesome Tuesday

I believe in you

Geoff x



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