7 Deadly Sins of the Ego

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2019


If you're struggling with any of these the reality is your in ego. (The shadow self as Eckhart Tolle describes). The egoic mind loves all of these things. It loves to protect and validate its position (fear) and prove it is right. It wants to take the high ground over others. 
None of this leads to love, happiness or your highest and best. 
If you are constantly experiencing any of these symptoms, this is your shadow self running your life. 
Suffering is predominately caused through attachment. Set the goal and then come back to process and detach from outcome. If you make your identity the goal you'll never be happy or ultimately successful. Your identity is not what you achieve or the "stuff". Define yourself today through your actions and integrity today, nothing more nothing less. #weightloss #inspiration #motivation#realestate


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