What Is Holding You Back?


Have you signed up to The Jowett Method yet?

If not, I want to know why. Please email me and let me know. I want to help. 

TJM is the missing link in your weight loss success. It helps you understand why you do what you do, why you sabotage yourself and how to breakthrough. 

How can I get you to take a closer look? What will it take?

This is not a slick sales letter, there are no steak knives, no hype, no scarcity to sign up right now or you miss out. Surely you are tired of all that crap - I know I am!

I just want to know whats holding you back from getting started and what can I do to help. 

I hope to hear from you soon.


Geoff xx"

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Here’s What I Know About Success and Failure…

G’day ,

I know a little bit about success and failure.

It’s fair to say that I’ve been there for all of it.

I’ve been to the highest of the highs. At one point, people all over Australia knew my name. I’d built businesses that blew up and I made loads of money.

“Success” seemed to follow me wherever I went. But it never left me feeling fulfilled.

And of course, I’ve been there for the lowest points. I’ve had businesses collapse from underneath me and I’ve come close to ending it all on several occasions. I’ve struggled constantly with creating the personal and meaningful life I wanted.

Plus, I went through all of those struggles publicly. All of the people that knew me at my peak also saw me hit rock bottom.

I’ve plunged the depths just like I’ve reached the peaks.

Don’t for a second think I was just there for the wins.

But here’s the thing.

Every one of us is there for all of it....

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Who are you rooting for at this year’s show?🎬

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019


Repost @thrive
Huge congrats to #LadyGaga for earning a Best Actress #Oscarsnomination for her portrayal of Ally in #AStarIsBorn. Here’s a reminder from some of our favorite role models to never give up on your dreams ... you never know when life will surprise you with something great. Tell us in the comments: Who are you rooting for at this year’s show?

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Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019
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McGrath Cronulla goal setting conference

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019


Thanks for having me McGrath Cronulla at your goal setting conference today. I loved it. 
What an awesome bunch of professionals. Pedigree !! Whatever industry you're in or goal you have, focus on the process and the result will happen. 90% process. 10% outcome. That's the ratio. Most do it the other way around. 
Set the goal then come back to process. #weightloss #inspiration#motivation

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I Know It’s a Cliché But…

G’day ,

You have to be the best that you can be to lead a happy and sustainable life.

I know, it’s a cliché. You could hear that exact same thing from every self-help guru in the world.

But just because it’s a cliché doesn’t make it any less true.

I’m living proof of that. In fact, I’m only here today because of that cliché.

I’m someone who has the “disease of more”. In my younger days, that meant I was always looking for the next big thing. I never appreciated what I had because it wasn’t enough.

Now on the outside, I may have looked like a success.

I’d built companies. Several of them. And a few of them managed to get really big. People all over the nation knew my name and knew about the companies I built.

But it was never sustainable. Every seven years or so, the company that I’d built would collapse. I was off looking for more and I wasn’t focused on building a sustainable life for...

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Bravo to the brave men and women who get this done

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2019


I'm a good motivator. Facilitator. 
It's what I do for a living but nothing is more inspiring than a person who stays the path and gets this done. 
Requires resilience, determination and laser focus. Bravo to the brave men and women who get this done. 
This might actually be my greatest achievement in 42 years. Required everything I had.  #motivation#inspiration

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How Mandy Became the Happiest She’s Ever Been With The Jowett Method

G’day ,

Do you have an issue with yo-yo dieting?

Maybe you kick off a new diet and it all goes great for a bit. You lose some weight and feel awesome.

Then you start tailing off. Life gets in the way and that weight starts to creep back on. Eventually, you end up back where you started or, even worse, with even more weight.

So you start the cycle again and it never really ends.

That’s what Mandy was going through before joining The Jowett Method.

She’d started working on her weight issues back in 2009. Mandy tried my own Bodytrim diet and used it to drop 10 kilos.

But she gradually fell away from the diet. Over the next four years, she put that weight back on.

That’s when she started yo-yoing.

She’d start Bodytrim again and start watching what she ate. That lasted for a few days before she gave up and went backwards. She’d lose a little weight, then gain it back, then lose a little again.

It felt like a never-ending cycle.

During this time, she...

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Actual results from tribe member Amanda

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2019


Actual results from tribe member Amanda. Photo taken in her backyard. 
65kg Weightloss in 12 months. TJM works. Mindset coaching for Weightloss,. Success and life. You give me the goal and I'll give you the result. 
Now is the time. Repeat after me, I know enough I am enough. Now is the time.  #weightloss#inspiration #motivation

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"When I know everything about mindset and Weightloss, then I'll lose weight". WRONG

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2019


So many people think that when they know more they will be ready. This is a mind virus. "When I know everything about mindset and Weightloss, then I'll lose weight". WRONG. Lose weight now. Learn in the doing. 
Another mind virus... "I'll be successful when I ...." WRONG. Be successful now. 
This becomes a safe haven for people. Instead of taking action they sooth themselves in the belief they are preparing to act. Don't park your dreams in the coffers of academia and tuition. Take action now. 
Learn as you go. Use this ratio as a guide. 10% learning, 90% doing. #weightloss #inspiration #motivation

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