Be Proud Of Yourself And What You Achieved This Year

action change growth mindset Dec 30, 2018


I just wanted to take a moment to wish you the very best for the coming year and to say how proud and inspired I am of you. And also to thank you for trusting me with your health.

In 2018 you made the decision to change and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. You had the courage to try again, to get back up and enter the arena once more. Most do not!

That is courage. The hardest part of any growth journey is taking that initial step. You did that this year. Please do not brush this off, for this is where success is found. The result is now merely a coefficient of time. At some stage in 2018 you dug deep and committed to you again and for that I have so much respect.

It is hard to change your life, that is why so few engage in it, preferring to sit in the grandstand and mock those who do. As the sun sets on 2018 please remember what you achieved this year, please be proud.

Regardless of where you are and where you want to be, you made the decision and took action this...

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10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living (Brene Brown)


"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; . . . who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly." —Theodore Roosevelt

I cannot believe I had not read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown  (video by the author) until now. Absolute gold and completely aligned with TJM. This stuff is the missing link and why people numb with food and alcohol. We have to stop numbing and start feeling, the good and the bad, for it is only then that we are truly awake.

Until people commit to practicing this they will always suffer. Let's face it, most diets work if you stick to them. But most people cannot stick to them because they use the numbing agent food to medicate internal...

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Don't Numb the Joy and Love


Here is a terrific video to watch on vulnerability and why we numb.

The problem is that we cannot numb the bad emotions without numbing the good. We numb it all. You have heard me talk about numbing agents before (namely food and alcohol). This video reinforces those thoughts and provides a strategy.

This video got me super excited this morning because it massively reinforces everything we do here in TJM.

"The Power of Vulnerability"

This is the absolute path to breakthrough, change and most important of all, happiness. And of course the byproduct of this will always be weight loss and improved health, reduced addictions.

Let's talk more about this tonight


Geoff x

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Here Is Your Copy [FREE]


I wanted to give you a copy of this to read over the holidays. 6 strategies to lose weight and build your best life.


This is the important mindset stuff critical to creating lasting change. I hope you enjoy!


See you tonight

Geoff x

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Updated TJM Reference Guide

basics download guide Dec 22, 2018


BIG NEWS, here is your updated TJM Reference Guide. This is awesome. I am pumped

This is the TJM bible containing all the key stuff you need to get started.

This will be in the members site but I wanted you to have this download right away. It makes for perfect reading over the Christmas break. Simply click here to get your copy

NEW TJM Reference Guide.pdf

A huge thank you to Daniel Etherden and Louise Black for compiling this brilliant resource for all members. They have captured all of the key TJM materials brilliantly. This guide is the nuts and bolts, the core of TJM and critical reading for your success.

The lives are awesome for daily mindset and connection, but it is these documents that really give you the pillars and what to do next.

Please take the time over the break to review this excellent guide. I hope you find in 2019 that with every week that goes by we are making TJM easier and more motivating for you to achieve your goals. That is the aim!

Have a great...

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21 Day Transformation Challenge - What To Do Now


Tomorrow is the end of the 21 day Transformation Challenge (21DTC). If you want to enter your results (and be a chance to win 1 month coaching with myself valued at $1200) this is what you need to do and submit by Sunday 30th Dec.

When we started I said to pick 5 areas of your life, habits, routines, eating, exercise, that you wanted to improve and score them out of 10. Tomorrow you need to do that again. For example, you might have said you wanted to

Sleep more
Drink less
Have snacks
Read more
Be grateful

And you might have scored these day 1 as


Well now you score them again out of 10 to compare yourself to the start to see your growth and change through this 21DTC. For example


This is a challenge against you - nobody else, to be your best. Once you have done the scores (day 1 and day 21) then simply write 100 words (or less) on how you feel and what is different about you thanks to the 21DTC.

Finally, record your start weight and your weight tomorrow. The...

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"Aim To Maintain" Through Christmas Is A Smart Goal

goals maintain mindset Dec 21, 2018


Just a quick note

I really want you to be kind to yourself this week. Do not beat yourself up if you go a bit off track with the food and the celebrations. You are human and it is normal.

A perfect goal between now and January 7 is to maintain where you are, mentally and physically. That is what you should be aiming at. Any more than that is a bonus.

Sometimes the best goal is to maintain and then push again. You can’t go full speed all the time. Enjoy yourself with family and friends and "aim to maintain" over the next fortnight.

I promise if you can do that you will have a perfect platform to attack from in January. The road to success is not linear, sometimes we need to cruise a bit and then push hard again.

Weight loss, life, career, sports, everything, it is all the same. Enjoy this time (aim to maintain) and then lets rip in again January 7 together when we start the next 21 day challenge - boom.

This way you will be excited in January to be your best, having...

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Now Available To Order - “How To Be Trim Without The Gym” (AVAILABLE MAY 2019)


I am super excited to write you today with big news. I have teamed up with Wilkinson Publishing to release in paperback edition

“How To Be Trim Without The Gym” (AVAILABLE FEB 2019)

You can pre order a copy today simply by clicking here now

You may have downloaded Exercise Makes You Fat as an ebook, well this is in part that book but now with some new chapters on mindset, finally in paperback.

So many people asked me for Exercise makes You Fat as a paperback book, so here it is under the new title with brand new chapters at the end.
To get your copy of How To Be Trim Without The Gym click here to order.

I am really proud of this book as it explains the root cause of weight gain, where we have been going wrong in the past and what to do now. This book picks up where Bodytrim left off and it is really everything I have learnt over the past 4 years about weight loss, food addiction, mindset and...

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Beware Of This Trap


When we are going well we can start to think that it is not happening fast enough. We lose sight of how far we have come. Habits creep up on us, good and bad, and the mistake we make is to lose sight of the small incremental changes taking place.

Celebrate the small wins and the big ones will come. We do not see how far we have come because we live with ourselves everyday. It is often only when we catch up with old friends that we see the dramatic change in ourselves and the person we are now becoming.


What to do right now

Make sure the fridge is full of good food, especially this time of year. Take snacks our protein shake with you when you are out. Park a block away from where you are going. Let’s have a quick reset on the basics.

Remember, success is the boring stuff repeated daily. It is not glamorous. It all comes down to compounding and the fact that we get good at what we do over time, if we keep doing it.


And here is a thought…

We hear so...

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6 Habits of People Who Live Well


Happy Tuesday. See you in 30 minutes for the LIVE. Following on from last night here are 6 habits of people who live well.

They play the long game

It is not what you can do in 6 months you should be focused on but rather where you can be in 6 years and the person you will become. Successful people focus on the long game, not the quick wins. Fast weight loss is great but where will you be in 5+ years. Get those habits locked in now to guarantee your future success

They focus on today

The working unit of your life is now yet all too few engage in it. They are always too worried about tomorrow. Get clear on your goals and then go deep in the process.

They understand compounding

Nothing good happens fast. You have to stick at something long enough to get the compounding effect. Every professional was once an amateur starting out and it is the same with your weight loss journey. We get good at what we do but if we keep chopping and changing we can never get better.

You must stay...

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