What Success Looks Like


How many companies make a fortune and go bust? I did twice!
How many people lose weight and put it back on? LOTS

Fast is not best. Solid is best. You need a solid foundation otherwise it will always fall apart. I want you to redefine what success looks like today in your life.

If you don't put weight on - success
If you drink less booze - success
If you give up smoking - success
If you are growing inside - success
If you are happier - success
If you start to love you again - success
If you practice gratitude - success
If you trust the process - success
if you get the toxic people out - success

These are the markers, not just a fast result. The weight loss will come. Be kind to you and know how far you have come.

I have done stuff fast and it always breaks. The goal must be sustainable progress. It is an inside job. When we change our thinking we change our life.

Everyone wants the fast track but it is fools gold. You have to do the work each day (on you) and then success will creep up...

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Think About YOU !!


Right now is the perfect time to think about what you want to achieve and who you want to become next year. 

2018 is almost done and dusted and we have a brand new year of possibilities in front of us, a blank canvas of infinite potential. 

But today I want to talk to you about your values. 

Do you have some? Are they aligned? Do you have them written down? This is critical to successfully move forward into 2019. 

I would love you to give some time to thinking about who you are and really what you stand for in life. This will help you make the smart choices over Christmas and into the New Year. What are your not negotiable habits? It is time to get clear. With massive clarity comes massive results. 

The end of December is the very best time to do this. When we get clear on who we are, what we want, what we believe in and will not compromise, it makes it super easy to say no to the wrong things. 

Remember what I always say; "what would my highest...

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You have to check out this incredible Australian, Stacey Copas.

growth resilience strength Aug 22, 2018


If you're feeling flat or low, or perhaps hosting your own pity party for one, you have to check out this incredible Australian, Stacey Copas. 
At age 12 Stacey suffered a horrific accident leaving her a quadriplegic, but in true champion fashion, that's where her success journey began. Out of her pain she found strength. She is incredible. Please read her book HOW TO BE RESILIENT. THE BLUEPRINT FOR GETTING RESULTS WHEN THINGS DON'T GO TO PLAN
Her story and strength is brilliant. And I'm in awe of this amazing Aussie Repost @staceycopas
Fabulous to catch up with the inspiring @thegeoffjowett at my favourite Sydney spot MCA Cafe. Make sure you follow him, amazing story of the highs and lows in business and life we can all learn so much from  #beyourbest #beofservice#thejowettmethod #networking#keynotespeakers #resilient#howtoberesilient #strength #growth#comeback

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Weightloss requires an understanding of the self


Weightloss requires an understanding of the self. Why do you self medicate with food? 
It's not until you address these questions that you can be trim for life. 
You will always revert back to old dysfunctional pain avoidance strategies through food. These do not serve you. You are a slave to them. 
You must learn to focus on long term consequences of short term feel goods. (Food alcohol drugs)

Weightloss it's easy when you work on the neck up. Mindset is key. Without mindset training weightloss is almost impossible because food will always control you. 
#tjm #weightloss #health #happiness#selflove #fitness

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