Actions not achievements

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2019


This is the best car I've ever owned. ❤️❤️ Why?? Because I'm proud of the bloke behind the wheel today. 🚘🚘 Actions not achievements. Service not status. 
Be proud of the person you are not the stuff you have. The irony is that in time, if you still want the stuff, you'll achieve more, but you're not defined by it. (And you'll probably want less stuff). Define yourself, judge yourself, by your actions and integrity today, not achievements or the opinions of the herd. Love ya, Geoffro. 
P.s. Thank you @madgogram and @pbellygram for sorting out this little weapon. I really appreciate. Anyone wanting a ripper of a second hand car get down to Sylvania,. Tell em GJ sent ya and ask for belly 👍🍹😜😎 Whatever Hyundai wants... It Getz. 💯😂 P.P.s. William and Harry thank you too. They're pumped for the beach. 🌊🌴 🐶


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