Paul Shows Us That Age Isn’t a Barrier When Losing Weight

A lot of people spend their lives in the gym trying to lose weight.
That’s all well and good when it’s working. But as you get older, exercise isn’t going to get the results that it used to get. You may end up putting on some weight even though you’re doing all of the same things as you did before.

That brings me to Paul.

Paul has been a personal trainer for his entire life and runs a super successful fitness business. If there’s one person who should know how to keep the weight off, it’s him.

But as he got a little bit older, he started putting on a little weight.

He says that ego got in the way when it came to making the changes he needed to make. He figured that the extra weight was par for the course for anyone who’s in their sixties. He used to look in the mirror and think that 88.5 kilograms was pretty good.

But it wasn’t, especially for the industry that he’s in.

Worse yet, Paul has osteoarthritis. This means that packing on the pounds puts more pressure on his joints.

If he didn’t start making changes, he might have ended up living life in a whole lot of pain.

So he started eating the foods The Jowett Method recommends and slowly changing his mindset.

But ego kicked in again. Paul told himself that he didn’t need the community to help him lose weight. He just wanted to lose 10 kilograms or so.

Then he started checking the results that other people get with The Jowett Method. He saw people losing 30, 40, or even 50 kilograms.

Finally, it clicked.

Paul embraced the community and changed his mindset. The ego went and he started keeping things simple. And if he felt like slipping, the community was there to support him.

He lost the 14 kilograms in about six weeks.

Age isn’t a barrier for Paul. He’s lost weight because he changed his mindset.

Even an old fitness trainer can learn a few new tricks.

I believe in you.


Geoff xx"



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