Annual TJM Weightloss and mindset conference

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2019


Yesterday I had the privilege of spending the day with these remarkable people from all over Australia for the annual TJM Weightloss and mindset conference. 
To say I was inspired and moved by their strength is an understatement. 
Yesterday I witnessed people step into their fears together and come out empowered as one. 
Some of you know my story. I was a bloke full of ego who thought he was better than most. WANKER !!! YUCK!!! 😩😩
I got taught the lessons I needed for which I'm eternally grateful. 
Life is a gift if you can see the truth. You are the problem and solution and their are incredible people everywhere. 
If your life's not working, time to pivot. What needs to change? 
I'll give you a hint, it's always you. 
Love ya. GJ 🥰🥰 #weightloss#inspiration #motivation #mindset


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