Dealing with the “Steve” That We All Have in Our Lives

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2019
We all know a "Steve".

And before I get into this, I want to let any Steves know that I’m not taking shots at them. This Steve is just the name that I give to one type of person.

That person’s the naysayer.

It’s the guy who’s always in your ear. He’s trying to pull you away from the journey you’re on. Maybe he doesn’t want to see you make a positive transformation in your life. Maybe he’s not committing to change and he wants to drag you down with him.

Or your Steve might just feel jealous about what you’ve achieved and wants to knock you down a peg.

It’s your Steve that’s going to tell you to eat that extra slice of cake that you don’t really want. Steve’s going to keep telling you to eat more, drink more, and consume more.

Meanwhile, Steve hasn’t even seen his own feet in years. Steve is the exact person that you don’t want to become.

And here’s the thing.

Steve doesn’t have to be a real person.

He might be.

But he’s also the guy that’s inside your head who’s telling you that you’re on the wrong path.

My Steve’s the millionaire that I used to be. He had a lot of money and he wants it back. He doesn’t care that he wasn’t happy and that he didn’t live in the present.

Steve sees me living in my one-bedroom apartment and wants more. He wants the big five-bedroom house again.

How do you deal with this guy?

It’s all about perspective. It’s about changing the lens.

When my Steve tells me that I need the bigger house, I ask him "why?"

I live on my own. Who am I going to give those extra bedrooms to? William and Harry?

You don’t need as much as you think you need.

And that applies to everything in life. You don’t need the huge house. You don’t need more booze.

You don’t need that extra slice of cake that Steve wants you to eat.

Change your lens and you’ll fight back against your Steve.

I believe in you.


Geoff xx" 


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