Figure Out the Five Things That You Need to Improve

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2019
The Jowett Method isn’t about weight loss.

What on Earth am I talking about, right? You probably joined because you want to lose some weight.

Don’t leave me in the dust just yet.

The Jowett Method is about transformation. It’s about making the changes that help you to become your higher and better self.

And it runs through every area of your life.

Making those changes gives you the platform to be better. To be your ideal self.

Weight loss is a by-product of that transformation. The real deal is that you learn how to live in the present and be happier in yourself and who you are.

That’s what I want you to achieve.

So, I’ve got a little task for you.

I want you to grab a scrap of paper and write down five things that you need to change to be your higher and better self.

Your weight may be one of them.

But this is for anything that you want to change. Maybe you want to change how you respond to negative situations. Perhaps you need to cut out the booze, the drugs, or whatever’s got you addicted to being the version of you that you don’t want to be.

Write five of them down.

I don’t know what these are going to be for you. They’re personal things. You’ve got to dive deep into yourself and figure out what you want to change. It could be something huge or it could be something tiny.

It doesn’t matter. 

What matters is that making a change in this one thing will bring you closer to your ideal self.
Change your internal and the external follows.

And don’t wait until tomorrow to start making those changes.

It’s go time right now. There’s always going to be a tomorrow that you can leave it to. Avoid that trap.

Be present and focus on what you want to change.

Forget last week. Forget last month.

Wipe the slate clean and start again from day one.

It all starts with your five things.

I believe in you.


Geoff xx"



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