Here’s What I Know About Success and Failure…

G’day ,

I know a little bit about success and failure.

It’s fair to say that I’ve been there for all of it.

I’ve been to the highest of the highs. At one point, people all over Australia knew my name. I’d built businesses that blew up and I made loads of money.

“Success” seemed to follow me wherever I went. But it never left me feeling fulfilled.

And of course, I’ve been there for the lowest points. I’ve had businesses collapse from underneath me and I’ve come close to ending it all on several occasions. I’ve struggled constantly with creating the personal and meaningful life I wanted.

Plus, I went through all of those struggles publicly. All of the people that knew me at my peak also saw me hit rock bottom.

I’ve plunged the depths just like I’ve reached the peaks.

Don’t for a second think I was just there for the wins.

But here’s the thing.

Every one of us is there for all of it. No-one’s succeeding non-stop. We all have our failures and bad moments.

Now here’s the problem. And I know this is a problem because I used to do it myself.

So many people don’t own all of it.

We’re there for all of it but we don’t own it.

Sure, we take all of the credit in the world for our successes. We enjoy the accolades and bask in the moment.

However, we’re not so quick to own our failures. Instead, we point at other things.

“If that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have failed.”

Here’s what I’ve learned about success and failure.

It’s all about ownership.

That’s the key to sparking a sustainable transformation in your life. You have to be aware and own your failures, just like you own your successes.

Owning all of it creates the platform for growth. After all, if you don’t own your mistakes you’re never going to learn from them.

And that means a happy life will always be out of your reach.

You’ve been there for all of it, just like I have. Take ownership to spark the transformation you want to see in your life.


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