How Alicia Grabbed Life by the Horns (Instead of Waiting for Things to Get Better)

I always tell my clients one thing.

You can’t wait for life to get better.

 Life will always have complications.

 It’s always going to throw up hurdles and barriers that could stop you from achieving success in any goal you have.

So you can’t wait.

You have to learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you just run out of time.

 TJM tribe member Alicia found herself struggling to find her happiness. She says she had an addiction to sugar that was taking over her life. Combine that with coffee and you have a lethal cocktail.

 Alicia was also taking various prescription medications for anxiety that she wanted to kick. Now, I don’t recommend people to automatically come off their medication when they start The Jowett Method. That’s something for you and your doctor to work out. But Alicia wanted to get away from them and she had the green light to try.

 Mindset was the biggest barrier that Alicia faced when trying to overcome these unhealthy addictions.

She kept thinking too far into the future while trying to overcome her addictions. She wasn’t thinking in the moment and taking each meal one at a time.

 Alicia kept thinking days or even weeks ahead of herself.

 That made her goal seem so much more daunting and unachievable. And when you hit that mindset, you’re going to struggle to overcome your addictions.

 Alicia shifted her thinking and started taking things one day at a time.

 She stayed in the present moment, which prevented her from getting overwhelmed.

 Once she changed her mindset, she didn’t need her anxiety medication anymore. The prospect of kicking sugar and caffeine became achievable.

 Alicia achieved some remarkable results by staying in the present moment.

 She’s stopped consuming sugar and caffeine. She’s no longer taking her anxiety medication and she doesn’t even drink alcohol anymore.

 Most importantly, she’s hitting her weight loss targets.

 With The Jowett Method, Alicia has lost 30 kilograms.

 And it all comes down to mindset. Once you get your mindset right, the rest will fall into place.


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