How Mandy Became the Happiest She’s Ever Been With The Jowett Method

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Do you have an issue with yo-yo dieting?

Maybe you kick off a new diet and it all goes great for a bit. You lose some weight and feel awesome.

Then you start tailing off. Life gets in the way and that weight starts to creep back on. Eventually, you end up back where you started or, even worse, with even more weight.

So you start the cycle again and it never really ends.

That’s what Mandy was going through before joining The Jowett Method.

She’d started working on her weight issues back in 2009. Mandy tried my own Bodytrim diet and used it to drop 10 kilos.

But she gradually fell away from the diet. Over the next four years, she put that weight back on.

That’s when she started yo-yoing.

She’d start Bodytrim again and start watching what she ate. That lasted for a few days before she gave up and went backwards. She’d lose a little weight, then gain it back, then lose a little again.

It felt like a never-ending cycle.

During this time, she moved to Melbourne. And she got caught up in the Melbourne lifestyle. Mandy found herself drinking and eating out all of the time.

Eventually, she ended up 20 kilos overweight.

And things got worse. She hated her job, she split with her husband, and she started making excuses.

"I’m in my 40s," she’d tell herself. "It isn’t going to get any better."

This was in Jan 2018.

It was at this point that she joined The Jowett Method. Her goal was to lose 10 kilos when she joined.

Mandy managed to drop 6 kilos in her first 6 weeks.

And this time, things were different.

Now, Mandy has an entire community around her to support her in her weight loss journey. When things got tough, she could pick up the phone or head out for a walk with a mentor.

Since early 2018, Mandy has lost 22 kilos. She says that she’s the happiest she’s ever been.

That all came thanks to changing her mindset and relying on The Jowett Method community.

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