I Know It’s a Cliché But…

G’day ,

You have to be the best that you can be to lead a happy and sustainable life.

I know, it’s a cliché. You could hear that exact same thing from every self-help guru in the world.

But just because it’s a cliché doesn’t make it any less true.

I’m living proof of that. In fact, I’m only here today because of that cliché.

I’m someone who has the “disease of more”. In my younger days, that meant I was always looking for the next big thing. I never appreciated what I had because it wasn’t enough.

Now on the outside, I may have looked like a success.

I’d built companies. Several of them. And a few of them managed to get really big. People all over the nation knew my name and knew about the companies I built.

But it was never sustainable. Every seven years or so, the company that I’d built would collapse. I was off looking for more and I wasn’t focused on building a sustainable life for myself.

Worse yet, I had this super negative mindset.

When somebody achieved something, I wasn’t even happy for them. My disease of more just kicked in and I started to resent that person.

I wanted what they had.

What I didn’t realise is that my envy was eating me up inside.

This desire to always have more meant that I never had anything sustainable. I’d pull myself up to a peak and then roll right back down the bottom again.

Let me tell you something. That process of building, collapsing, and restarting isn’t healthy. It’s not what I wanted out of life.

So I started thinking. Maybe I could build a happy and sustainable life that didn’t implode on me every few years.

But to do that, I needed to be a better version of me. I needed to change my mindset and start appreciating the present, rather than always looking at the “more”.

I know it’s a cliché.

But it’s the reason why I’m here and I’m the poster boy for the cliché.

I believe in you


Geoff Jowett


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