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If you are looking to go to the next level, breakthrough plateaus and limiting beliefs (in business or life), I strongly encourage you to check out 
Mindset coaching for success community ✅

Thank you so much for the kind words below, John McGrath and Kieran Bresnahan. 

I believe there is a success blueprint, formula, ratios and a methodology, that can be taught and applied for everyone. 
And through my own struggles, failures and pain I have been able to unlock and share something that is working for a lot of people, namely The Jowett Method. 

I'm no guru or sage, rather just a bloke that made a ton of mistakes but was blessed enough to come out the other side, grateful and awake, better for the cracks and breaks. 
John says... "Shifting mindset is the key to success. 
The information has all been out there for years yet still people fail to live anywhere near their potential. 
Geoff has a unique ability to connect with people at a deep level and move them energetically and emotionally in the direction of their goals whilst removing the subtle blockages. In my experience TJM works in all areas of business and life".

John McGrath
Founder, Executive Director

Kieran says... "All my life I have been taught set the goal work hard and you’ll achieve the goal and then you’ll “be happy”. I did this only to find that it can be a very hollow feeling.

Since joining TJM 12 months ago I have learned that all we really have is the present moment and that’s where peace of mind lives, certainly not in the attainment of a goal which I have believed all my life.

If you want to be calmer, more centred, lose weight, make more money, be more productive and improve your personal relationships then “The Jowett Method” is for you.

It really is an instruction manual on how to live your best life". Kieran Bresnahan 
McGrath St George

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