People and the present moment are NOT a means to an end

Uncategorized May 22, 2019


People and the present moment are NOT a means to an end. They are not stepping stones to get somewhere else. They are all there is so choose wisely. 

Make the decision today to only work with people you enjoy. Don't tolerate people to "get a commercial outcome". I did that for years and it destroyed my soul. Energetically you will never be optimal if you're tolerating people and today. You must enjoy them. 

These days I only work with people I enjoy, like these 2 incredible humans @michaelandmaryflevarismcgrath. I adore them both. I love their courage, truth, love and humility. 
When you make the decision to only work with people you enjoy, you meet more people you enjoy because your energy is on. We are energy. We attract what we are. 

Don't tolerate people and today to create a better tomorrow, it's a trap. If you're not happy and grateful today you cannot create it tomorrow, irrespective of the business opportunity or size of the deal. You will get consumed by the disease of more. 

If you are not aligned to someone, just say no. Hey, we're not a fit. And that's ok. We don't all fit. Find your fit, find your people and work with them. Detach from the bloody outcome. You'll be ok if it doesn't happen trust me. 💯❤️🚀


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