Present in the process

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2019


"Present in the process prevents overwhelm and self sabotage". We've all got goals and dreams yet so few ever achieve. Why? Because they live in outcome and obsess about result. The result is a byproduct of a daily process. 
Weighing yourself everyday does nothing for Weightloss yet most do it. They think the scales will miraculously go down. Weightloss is an automatic byproduct of a daily process and it's the same for real estate sales or any business. Staring at the P&L isn't going to put money in the till. 💰💸 Leader boards and targets are great but you must spend 90% of your time executing process. Awesome chat this arvo with @tom_panos a champion fella with a huge heart and rock solid strategies. 
Great to see you mate and thx for having me in your real estate gym 💪💯


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