Steps To Make TJM Coaching Better For You

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2019


Just thought I would ping you a quick email and let you know about some minor changes to improve the level of coaching and service moving forward from me to you.

I want to ensure I am at my very best to serve you each LIVE session I deliver - that must be my #1 priority and focus. YOU !!

As such, I am going to be spending less time on social media and turn off my FB messenger service. FB can be awesome but it can also take up huge amounts of time and headspace. I want to allocate more time planning and researching my sessions for you.

To get in contact with me regarding my one on one mentoring please email [email protected] I will not see your messages if you send them to me in FB messenger.
(I will reply to your email within 2 working days).

If you are interested in one on one, we will schedule a 10 minute call and chat to see if I can be of assistance and it is a good fit.

For anything to do with day to day TJM, admin, or the group please email Louise Black [email protected] and she will pass on anything that requires my attention in our weekly catch up.

To register for the next 4 week breakthrough academy group, please email [email protected]

For anything to do with the June Conference, Silvana is your contact point for information
[email protected]

As I always say, awareness is key, and for me I have become aware that I need to be careful I do not burn myself out. I love nothing more than helping you reach your highest success and I feel this will help me be better for you into the future.

I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you message me in FB message. I will not see it. From today, email is the way to get me or text message for people I already mentor or have my number. And once again, Louise and I will be chatting every week so I am across everything.

Lots of love and see you tonight

Geoffro xx


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