STOP kidding yourself and take ownership!

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2019


Said from a place of love ❤️❤️ STOP kidding yourself and take ownership! Address the real problems that are holding you back. (Note: they're normally aways fuelled by the ego (fear) but we can't see it because we are in ego at the time so it's not our fault LOL. 😂😩
Again,. The ego). 40, bankrupt, in AA, wasn't exactly on my vision board at 30. But it was the best thing that ever happened. We think we've got it all planned out. Rubbish.!! If you can be still, grateful, present, the answers will come. ❤️🌍 Plans and goals are great for directional focus but then we must detach from outcome. Define yourself by your actions today not your cumulative achievements or bank account. 
Suffering comes from attachment to outcome and the story we tell ourselves about who we'll be when we achieve the goal. Wrong. 
Service not status. Actions not achievements. Love not fear. How can I serve not what can I get. 
Focus on staying on purpose with your highest self not on succeed at any costs in your business. 
Maybe your current thing is not THE THING your destined to do and contribute to the world. Maybe failure can be your greatest gift that gets you on your highest path. That's how it worked for me. 
If I didn't fail big I wouldn't be so aligned today with my truth. Whay a gift 🎁🎁 I'm truly blessed 🔔🙏 P.s. I never once felt blessed the old way, ego fueled way. I felt entitled for more. 😷 😩🤮🤢💩 Pps. Thank you @tommyjackett @joshjanssen for the assist today here. See you in a few weeks to pod up. ❤️🚀


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