The best things may come from the darkest times in your life

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2019

Let me share a little something with you that comes directly from TJM member Aileen.

She posted the following in the group the other day:

"The moment you realise it's not about avoiding suffering, it's about making something from your suffering, you’re incredibly freed. Everything I'm proud of comes from some of the darkest things in my life."

That last bit hit me like a sledgehammer.

It may be one of the most profound things that I’ve ever heard. And it absolutely applies to me. I’m here and helping people right now because I’ve been through some dark times.

Everything that I’m proud of today is a direct result of overcoming those dark times. I’m able to coach people because I’ve been through the worst of it first-hand.

It’s the person that you become after the struggle that’s most important.

You can’t avoid pain and suffering in your life. No matter how charmed a life that you lead, there will always be a tragedy waiting just around the corner.

Maybe you’ll lose somebody close to you. Perhaps the stress of your work will get on top of you.

Life doesn’t shy away from giving us pain. And you can’t avoid it.

Here’s what I want you to remember.

Suffering often comes out of attachment. We attach ourselves to the things that hurt us and turn those things into parts of our story. It might be the junk food or the broken relationship.

They’re things that we know aren’t good for us. But we attach ourselves to them anyway.

Detach and accept.

Pull away from the source of your pain. Don’t let it hurt you anymore. Accept it for the life lesson that it was and move past it. If you can, use it as the fuel that will help you achieve a true transformation in your life.

It’s all about making something from your suffering.

That’s how you become a stronger person. It’s how you inspire yourself to make a transformation in your life.

Use the darkness of your past to build something that you’re proud of today.

I believe in you.



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