The Dangers of Stress (And What You Can Do to Lower It)

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2019
We all suffer from stress, don’t we?

And it’s not like one size fits all with stress. There’s the major stuff that feels like a weight on your shoulders. Problems with your family, worries about work, that sort of thing.

But there’s the little stuff too. Like maybe you didn’t sleep enough last night. Or, you might feel stressed about eating a little too much or something.

Everyone has stress to different degrees.

Here’s the danger of stress.

A lot of us numb it with food. It’s called emotional eating. Something stresses us out and it’s straight to the sugar, straight to the fatty foods that make us feel good.

You get that little high for a minute. But that’s all it is. The stress doesn’t go anywhere and now you’re stressing even more because you’ve eaten too much.

It’s a cycle and you can end up spiralling if you don’t get a handle on it.

I’ve got a couple of things that I do to lower my stress levels and avoid these dangers.

First, it’s all about pulling yourself into the present moment. Simple tasks, like vacuuming or walking the dog, give you something to focus on.

I never would have caught myself saying this 10 years ago. But these little household chores aren’t a source of stress.

They’re little things for you to focus on so that you can pull your mind into the present moment. That means you’re not focusing on all of the stuff, past and future, that stresses you out.

Lock in your surroundings and come back to now.

Second, read Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. He nailed it over 2000 years ago.

Tao Te Ching is just a few short bullet points. But they’re the basic principles that teach us to get outside of our own heads and live in the now.

Read it whenever you’re thinking about escaping and ejecting from your present reality.

Own the moment and remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Be present and focus on doing what you can do now instead of stressing about the past or the future.

I believe in you.


Geoff xx"



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