The most common mistake that I see

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019

G’day ,

I want to talk to you about the most common mistake that I see. Not just with TJM members, but everywhere.

It’s a trap that’s so easy for people to fall into.

Here’s how it goes.

We get in. I’m not just talking about TJM here either. This applies to everything.

We get in and we get started. We start something new and scary.

And within about three minutes, we get overwhelmed. It all starts getting on top of us.

In about 10 minutes, your mind starts racing. It’s fighting against you.

"Who are you kidding? You can’t do this! Why are you even trying? You may as well just give up now. Go back to the old routine because it’s easy and you’re hopeless."

Let’s talk about what happens when you join TJM. You see all of these happy and motivated people around you. It’s new and exciting, but it’s a bit scary too. You haven’t seen anything like it before.

Then you try and access the member’s area. Maybe you manage it and maybe you don’t. It’s all new and you haven’t learned the ropes yet.

There’s this bald bloke talking to you on the phone every day.

What is this?

And you’re hungry! You might have been binge eating before you joined us. Now you’ve stopped and the belly’s rumbling.

It’s all new and it’s all weird.

Before you know it, you’re at stage seven overwhelm and it’s only your first day.

If you manage to survive all of that, you stay in overwhelm. You start finding other things to medicate yourself so that you can cope.

Have you picked out the mistake yet?

It’s thinking you need to know it all before you even start. That’s why you’re getting overwhelmed.

The secret is that you’re not going to be any good at anything when you first start.

So stop stressing about it. The key is to take the little steps. Learn what you need to learn as you go. Keep making those little changes and slow down if you start feeling overwhelmed.

You don’t have to get it perfect.

You especially don’t have to get it right on day one!

I believe in you.


Geoff xx"


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