The power of full engagement

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2019

G’day ,

I believe that full engagement is absolutely crucial whenever you want to make any change in your life.

You may want to transform something about your body, your mind, maybe even your business.

Whatever it may be, I believe that you need to become obsessed with it. You need to engage every single thing about yourself to that goal.

That obsession might only last a month or two. The key is that you get obsessed until it eventually becomes your routine.

It’s about building good habits and rituals.

Having a level of obsession in that early phase helps you to acquire a new skillset or pattern in your life.

It’s not something that you have to keep up forever.

Obsession shouldn’t last for the rest of your days. It’s a tool that you use for a couple of months to get you past the early barriers that rise up when you try something new.

It’s a process that you use for a small period of time until something new becomes your routine.

And we never obsess about the goal or the outcome.

We obsess about the process.

Obsess about the meals, snacks, and water. Obsess about the lives and making sure you’re picking up all of the right information.

Fully engage yourself in the process until it’s natural to you.

Remember this.

Any given day can present you with challenges. But it’s you who has control over where you’re spending your energy. Make sure you’re not giving it to those energy vampires that will suck you dry.

Protect that energy. Point it towards the processes and the things you need to obsess about to create a positive transformation in your life.

Get around more positive people and break the patterns and routines that used to define you. Engage with all of this new information and the TJM tribe.

Fully engage until it becomes routine.

Once you have that routine set up, it gets so much easier. All of those strategies you’ve dedicated yourself to learning are now your habits.

And you can put them into practice every day to achieve the outcomes you want.

I believe in you.


Geoff xx"


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