WARNING ⚠ You are setting yourself up for disappointment

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2019


I come across this a lot in my mentoring groups. "I want to be successful so my dad is proud" etc etc. 
WARNING ⚠ You are setting yourself up for disappointment and always feeling less than. If your dad is in ego he'll never be able to heap praise on you and tell you well done. This does NOT mean he doesn't love you or isn't proud of you. 
It means he's in ego and is threatened by your success. Mum, dad, brother, sister, this stuff is super common and is all too often at the core of family drama and hurt. 
Bottom line, if the person is in ego they simply can't compliment you because it threatens them and their identity. 
Love them, praise them, be the example to them of vulnerability and love. Service not status. Be the change be the example others can model off. 
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