What does success actually look like for you?

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2019


What does success actually look like for you? Most do not know. I didn't for decades. This is step one. 
Then, what are you success markers? Most people's are wrong. They can't just be money and assets. This is the biggest "wealth trap". This was me. Yuck. 😷

That's not true wealth. It's good to have, but it's not the end game. 
Happiness doesn't exist merely with money and assets. You must dig deeper and find what lights you up. 
I'm clear on what it looks like today. I used to want the car with the horse on it, now I just want the horse. 🐴❤️ Replace status with service. Fear with love. And say to yourself ... I AM ENOUGH

for only then can you truly begin to acquire an abundant life. ❤️❤️ sadly, the success paradox is one that very few people see. We must change the lens. You can have all that stuff down the line if you can be truly grateful for where and who you are now. While ever now is not enough, energetically you cannot acquire later.



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