What Success Looks Like


How many companies make a fortune and go bust? I did twice!
How many people lose weight and put it back on? LOTS

Fast is not best. Solid is best. You need a solid foundation otherwise it will always fall apart. I want you to redefine what success looks like today in your life.

If you don't put weight on - success
If you drink less booze - success
If you give up smoking - success
If you are growing inside - success
If you are happier - success
If you start to love you again - success
If you practice gratitude - success
If you trust the process - success
if you get the toxic people out - success

These are the markers, not just a fast result. The weight loss will come. Be kind to you and know how far you have come.

I have done stuff fast and it always breaks. The goal must be sustainable progress. It is an inside job. When we change our thinking we change our life.

Everyone wants the fast track but it is fools gold. You have to do the work each day (on you) and then success will creep up on you. I believe that if people simply stay connected in TJM their success is guaranteed. The key is staying in the environment.

You might not lose any weight for a year (but you don't put any extra on). That is success. A lot of people out there will put on 5-10kg next year. You are 5-10kg ahead of them.

Maintaining is a good result. You are doing the deep work preparing yourself to drop the kilos.

I know dozens of people who are in incredible physical shape and they are empty and miserable inside. They haven't addressed the deeper issues. Work on the mindset and the body follows. Work on the mindset and the success arrives.

In all areas of your life it is top down. But the problem is that 90% of people aren't prepared to wait - they want the body and the outcome yesterday. This is not reality. This is not sustainable.

By defining what success really looks like it makes it much easier to stay the course because you know it is a process.

If you have been a member for 6 months and not lost weight (but maintained while working on your mindset) this is success. You must factor in your internal happiness and health. The body will follow in time.

Virtually every contestant on the biggest loser put all the weight back on and more. Fast weight loss without mindset is a waste of time and effort. You must go deep to go high.

We live in a microwave society where people want it all today. Wrong. Patience and resilience holds the key. "Do the work they can’t see for the results they can".

I believe in you

Geoff xx


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