You must let go of the result to achieve more

Uncategorized May 21, 2019



I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. With the flying Candy ❤️🚀🐴 I believe we can achieve whatever we desire if we understand the process. Goal, deadline, process, then detach from outcome. 
You must let go of the result to achieve more and also achieve peace, freedom, joy along the way and avoid disease of more. 
Process, process, process ❤✌ 18 months ago I'd never ridden a horse, and today they are my greatest passion. 
Your past is not your future. Your past is not you. You are not your stuff. You can write how the story ends. 
Step one, learn to be still. That's where you find the answers. Buddha didn't sit under the tree listening to Tony Robbins CDs. The answers came to him in stillness and so they can for you and me. If you're not happy, either change the lens or go find what brings you to life because what the world needs are people who've been brought to life. 
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Massive thank you to Captain Laz, Sonal and Michelle for everything you give me each day.II appreciate you. I love being a part of your world. And Fiona and Scarlett for sharing your baby with me. I won't say I love her more, but I will say I love her lots. ❤️🐴 all the ladies thought we were cute today, a real team bond, connection. Candy and GJ. 🥰🥰 budapestridingschool @fifibi@scarlett__candy@elthamcosmeticclinic@michelleslappendel


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