Your Life and Business Will Expand or Contract to Where You Are Now

growth mindset success Jan 23, 2019

G’day ,

I had some really big wins as a young bloke.

“Success”, whatever that means, seemed to come a little bit too easily for me. Through some combination of luck, timing, and a little bit of talent, I reached some big heights early on.

And the wheels fell off.

Not just once, either. I’ve left a history of businesses that blew up and then blew away. Some of those businesses got huge, whereas others didn’t quite make it.

But they all had one thing in common.

They weren’t sustainable.

Do you want to know why?

It’s because I didn’t put the work into myself. I didn’t have personal goals and I had no idea what I needed.

I just wanted to build businesses. I had the “disease of more”, which means I always wanted more than I had.

Now here’s the secret.

Whether it’s your personal life or your business, it will expand and contract to where you are.

Whatever your level of growth as a person will ultimately dictate your level of success in other avenues of life.

I can unequivocally stand by that because I’ve experienced it first-hand. Not just once either. I had to stuff it all up twice before I finally figured it out.

It was only after understanding this that I was able to change my mindset and actually start my journey.

How does this all link into weight loss?

It all comes down to mindset.

If you don’t change your thinking, you’re always going to struggle. You have to be happy with what you are now so that you can create a platform for growth.

Think about it like this.

It could take you 20 years to put your weight on.

When seen through that lens, 12 months to get it off (and keep it off) is a pretty good deal.

That simple thought can change your entire mindset. And once you start looking at life with a different mindset, you’re ready to grow.

I believe in you

Love ,
Geoff xx


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