Here’s What I Know About Success and Failure…

G’day ,

I know a little bit about success and failure.

It’s fair to say that I’ve been there for all of it.

I’ve been to the highest of the highs. At one point, people all over Australia knew my name. I’d built businesses that blew up and I made loads of money.

“Success” seemed to follow me wherever I went. But it never left me feeling fulfilled.

And of course, I’ve been there for the lowest points. I’ve had businesses collapse from underneath me and I’ve come close to ending it all on several occasions. I’ve struggled constantly with creating the personal and meaningful life I wanted.

Plus, I went through all of those struggles publicly. All of the people that knew me at my peak also saw me hit rock bottom.

I’ve plunged the depths just like I’ve reached the peaks.

Don’t for a second think I was just there for the wins.

But here’s the thing.

Every one of us is there for all of it....

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You Have to Work on Yourself to Find Your Happiness

A couple of years ago, I found myself in a terrible headspace.

On the outside, everything seemed like it was fine. I was running a business that was making a lot of money. That’s something I’d always known how to do.

To anyone else, it would look like I had the world at my feet.

But on the inside, I was really struggling.

I didn’t take pride in what I was doing and it all felt meaningless to me. I wasn’t happy, no matter how much dough I made through my work. It wasn’t fulfilling to me.

 That took me to some very dark places. I’d achieved everything that I thought I wanted and I wasn’t happy.

 It’s uncomfortable to admit this.

But I was about ready to neck myself. I’d lost sight of any hope of finding happiness and I came really close to ending it all.

Thankfully, I was able to overcome that demon in time to realise that things weren’t hopeless.

It was my mindset at the time that wasn’t serving me.


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21 Day Transformation Challenge - What To Do Now


Tomorrow is the end of the 21 day Transformation Challenge (21DTC). If you want to enter your results (and be a chance to win 1 month coaching with myself valued at $1200) this is what you need to do and submit by Sunday 30th Dec.

When we started I said to pick 5 areas of your life, habits, routines, eating, exercise, that you wanted to improve and score them out of 10. Tomorrow you need to do that again. For example, you might have said you wanted to

Sleep more
Drink less
Have snacks
Read more
Be grateful

And you might have scored these day 1 as


Well now you score them again out of 10 to compare yourself to the start to see your growth and change through this 21DTC. For example


This is a challenge against you - nobody else, to be your best. Once you have done the scores (day 1 and day 21) then simply write 100 words (or less) on how you feel and what is different about you thanks to the 21DTC.

Finally, record your start weight and your weight tomorrow. The...

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