Updated TJM Reference Guide

basics download guide Dec 22, 2018


BIG NEWS, here is your updated TJM Reference Guide. This is awesome. I am pumped

This is the TJM bible containing all the key stuff you need to get started.

This will be in the members site but I wanted you to have this download right away. It makes for perfect reading over the Christmas break. Simply click here to get your copy

NEW TJM Reference Guide.pdf

A huge thank you to Daniel Etherden and Louise Black for compiling this brilliant resource for all members. They have captured all of the key TJM materials brilliantly. This guide is the nuts and bolts, the core of TJM and critical reading for your success.

The lives are awesome for daily mindset and connection, but it is these documents that really give you the pillars and what to do next.

Please take the time over the break to review this excellent guide. I hope you find in 2019 that with every week that goes by we are making TJM easier and more motivating for you to achieve your goals. That is the aim!

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