Choose To Get Good at What You Do

Choose to get good at what you do.

Choose to get good at life. If what you're doing is not working, change. Seek the truth, find the answers.

Weightloss, work, life, relationships. You can have an incredible life if you change the lens. You have to dump the old story. "I've always been fat, I've never had money, never found true love, work is hard".

These are stories and past content in your life, not your present moment reality.

The hard work is believing that's it possible for you to be great. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, apologise where needed. Move forward.

And most of all don't see the present moment as a means to an end. It is NOT. The working unit of your life is NOW not when. "When is a fictitious mind based narrative", it is not reality. Come back to reality (NOW) AND PRACTICE intense presence here now. Be playful with now. No agenda. Just do your very best with what's in front of you today.

This is the key to high performance as a happier time on earth.
I love...

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Attach Pain to Your Problems And Then Use it!

I want to challenge you with this today.

If you don’t change now, where will you be in five years’ time?

Where will you be in 12 months?

Let me tell you.

You’re going to be right where you are right now.

You’ve got to keep growing and changing to get to where you want to be. It’s all about mindset. Look at things differently. Change the lens and use that new perspective to figure out what you’ve got to do differently.

But I know it’s hard. That’s why I’m going to give you a little tool to help you along.

It’s simple – attach pain to the problem.

That’s the absolute key to my method. People who’ve been in my TJM tribe for a while already know this.

Ask yourself what the biggest problem is in your life. Maybe it’s booze, or drugs, or food. There’s something in your life that’s a problem for you and you want to fix it.

Figure out what it is and attach pain to it.

I attached...

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Weight Loss is All About Mindset Training

change mindset Jan 13, 2019
A couple of years back, I found myself at the lowest point I’d ever been in my life. I’d completely lost sight of who I was and what I wanted as a person.

I was just laser-focused on running a successful business. And I was miserable.

I hit rock bottom and I did it in front of everyone.

But here’s the great thing that I realised about that episode of my life.

I was as vulnerable as I was ever going to be. I had no-one to blame but myself for the situation that I was in.

However, I also had the chance to start completely fresh.

 In hindsight, hitting rock bottom was the best thing that ever happened to me. It allowed me to refocus on what’s actually important to me.

And in doing that, I completely changed my mindset and who I was as a person - and you can too.

I stopped chasing money and business success. Instead, I focused on doing the things that I love doing and helping people.

 When you do that, success isn’t far behind.

Today, I’m...

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Be Proud Of Yourself And What You Achieved This Year

action change growth mindset Dec 30, 2018


I just wanted to take a moment to wish you the very best for the coming year and to say how proud and inspired I am of you. And also to thank you for trusting me with your health.

In 2018 you made the decision to change and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. You had the courage to try again, to get back up and enter the arena once more. Most do not!

That is courage. The hardest part of any growth journey is taking that initial step. You did that this year. Please do not brush this off, for this is where success is found. The result is now merely a coefficient of time. At some stage in 2018 you dug deep and committed to you again and for that I have so much respect.

It is hard to change your life, that is why so few engage in it, preferring to sit in the grandstand and mock those who do. As the sun sets on 2018 please remember what you achieved this year, please be proud.

Regardless of where you are and where you want to be, you made the decision and took action this...

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6 Habits of People Who Live Well


Happy Tuesday. See you in 30 minutes for the LIVE. Following on from last night here are 6 habits of people who live well.

They play the long game

It is not what you can do in 6 months you should be focused on but rather where you can be in 6 years and the person you will become. Successful people focus on the long game, not the quick wins. Fast weight loss is great but where will you be in 5+ years. Get those habits locked in now to guarantee your future success

They focus on today

The working unit of your life is now yet all too few engage in it. They are always too worried about tomorrow. Get clear on your goals and then go deep in the process.

They understand compounding

Nothing good happens fast. You have to stick at something long enough to get the compounding effect. Every professional was once an amateur starting out and it is the same with your weight loss journey. We get good at what we do but if we keep chopping and changing we can never get better.

You must stay...

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