Look at Michelle’s Awesome Results From Week One of The Jowett Method

How can The Jowett Method help someone who’s just like you?

I could go into some big sales spiel to tell you. But I think it’s better to hear how it all works from someone who’s benefiting from it right now.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to Michelle.

Now Michelle’s not new to my programs. Back in 2015, she started losing weight with the Trim For Life app.

It worked for a while. Michelle managed to drop 15 kilograms with the app.

Unfortunately, life got in the way.

So the weight came back.

A few years later and she’s on The Jowett Method.

In one week, she’d dropped 3.8 kilos. And she has a goal of dropping 50 kilos within 12 months.

But what’s different this time around? How is Michelle going to stick with it when she fell off before?

She says it comes down to a few things.

Firstly, she’s looked inwards and realised that she has a drinking problem. In the past, she’s spent time with the wrong people, which...

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How Mandy Became the Happiest She’s Ever Been With The Jowett Method

G’day ,

Do you have an issue with yo-yo dieting?

Maybe you kick off a new diet and it all goes great for a bit. You lose some weight and feel awesome.

Then you start tailing off. Life gets in the way and that weight starts to creep back on. Eventually, you end up back where you started or, even worse, with even more weight.

So you start the cycle again and it never really ends.

That’s what Mandy was going through before joining The Jowett Method.

She’d started working on her weight issues back in 2009. Mandy tried my own Bodytrim diet and used it to drop 10 kilos.

But she gradually fell away from the diet. Over the next four years, she put that weight back on.

That’s when she started yo-yoing.

She’d start Bodytrim again and start watching what she ate. That lasted for a few days before she gave up and went backwards. She’d lose a little weight, then gain it back, then lose a little again.

It felt like a never-ending cycle.

During this time, she...

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We Attract What We Are, Not What We Want

G’day ,

Have you ever found yourself looking at the people in your life and wondering where it went wrong?

Everybody seems so fake and insincere. Or, they’re toxic and negative. They’re not supporting you and you’re not supporting them.

It seems like you’re just in each other’s lives for the sake of having someone in your life.

There’s a reason for this and it’s a tough pill to swallow.

We attract what we are, not what we want.

You may want loving and supportive friends. You may want to find yourself surrounded by positivity every day.

But if that’s not what you’re putting out into the world, you aren’t going to find those sort of people.

I can tell you that better than anyone else.

Back in 2010, I didn’t have the right people in my life. And it’s because I wasn’t the sort of person that the right people wanted in their lives.

I was just completely full of bulls***. People could smell me coming a...

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It’s All About Getting Back to Basics

Let me share a little story with you about how I ended up starting The Jowett Method.

A few years ago, I’d hit rock bottom. Everything was going wrong for me and I couldn’t find a way out.

I’d over complicated my life and I found myself chasing goals that weren’t ever going to fulfil me.

My mindset was all wrong.

I wasn’t doing the things that made me happy. Instead, I kept chasing the almighty dollar, no matter how miserable I was making myself in the process.

Even when my business was doing well, my life wasn’t.

Mentally, I hit rock bottom. I burned out and struggled to find any sense of purpose.

 Maybe that sounds familiar to you. Perhaps whatever goals you’ve set for yourself aren’t actually helping you to achieve happiness. Or, your mindset is such that even thinking about reaching your goals makes you anxious.

 Do you know what worked for me?

I managed to pull myself out of the darkness by just taking things back to...

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Now Available To Order - “How To Be Trim Without The Gym” (AVAILABLE MAY 2019)


I am super excited to write you today with big news. I have teamed up with Wilkinson Publishing to release in paperback edition

“How To Be Trim Without The Gym” (AVAILABLE FEB 2019)

You can pre order a copy today simply by clicking here now

You may have downloaded Exercise Makes You Fat as an ebook, well this is in part that book but now with some new chapters on mindset, finally in paperback.

So many people asked me for Exercise makes You Fat as a paperback book, so here it is under the new title with brand new chapters at the end.
To get your copy of How To Be Trim Without The Gym click here to order.

I am really proud of this book as it explains the root cause of weight gain, where we have been going wrong in the past and what to do now. This book picks up where Bodytrim left off and it is really everything I have learnt over the past 4 years about weight loss, food addiction, mindset and...

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Beware Of This Trap


When we are going well we can start to think that it is not happening fast enough. We lose sight of how far we have come. Habits creep up on us, good and bad, and the mistake we make is to lose sight of the small incremental changes taking place.

Celebrate the small wins and the big ones will come. We do not see how far we have come because we live with ourselves everyday. It is often only when we catch up with old friends that we see the dramatic change in ourselves and the person we are now becoming.


What to do right now

Make sure the fridge is full of good food, especially this time of year. Take snacks our protein shake with you when you are out. Park a block away from where you are going. Let’s have a quick reset on the basics.

Remember, success is the boring stuff repeated daily. It is not glamorous. It all comes down to compounding and the fact that we get good at what we do over time, if we keep doing it.


And here is a thought…

We hear so...

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