Now Available To Order - “How To Be Trim Without The Gym” (AVAILABLE MAY 2019)


I am super excited to write you today with big news. I have teamed up with Wilkinson Publishing to release in paperback edition

“How To Be Trim Without The Gym” (AVAILABLE FEB 2019)

You can pre order a copy today simply by clicking here now

You may have downloaded Exercise Makes You Fat as an ebook, well this is in part that book but now with some new chapters on mindset, finally in paperback.

So many people asked me for Exercise makes You Fat as a paperback book, so here it is under the new title with brand new chapters at the end.
To get your copy of How To Be Trim Without The Gym click here to order.

I am really proud of this book as it explains the root cause of weight gain, where we have been going wrong in the past and what to do now. This book picks up where Bodytrim left off and it is really everything I have learnt over the past 4 years about weight loss, food addiction, mindset and...

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