The Disease of More (And How It Wants to Stop You From Reaching Your Goals)

G’day ,

I’ve got an addictive personality.

A little never feels like enough for me. In fact, enough never feels like enough.

I always want to have that little bit more of everything.

I call it the “disease of more” and it stopped me from ever feeling truly fulfilled in my life. After all, how can I achieve fulfilment if I’m always looking for more?

I found myself in that position because I hadn’t done the deep work on myself. I thought always wanting more was the mindset that I needed, especially in business.

Here’s an example of what this mindset does to you.

At 22, I founded Vision Personal Training. And that business skyrocketed. It was really pumping and things were going well. The business ended up with a ton of franchises everywhere and I seemed to have everything I wanted.

But I got bored of that in about 5 years. I wasn’t happy with what I achieved. I just wanted whatever came next.

Next, next, next.

My life became all about...

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