21 Day Transformation Challenge - What To Do Now


Tomorrow is the end of the 21 day Transformation Challenge (21DTC). If you want to enter your results (and be a chance to win 1 month coaching with myself valued at $1200) this is what you need to do and submit by Sunday 30th Dec.

When we started I said to pick 5 areas of your life, habits, routines, eating, exercise, that you wanted to improve and score them out of 10. Tomorrow you need to do that again. For example, you might have said you wanted to

Sleep more
Drink less
Have snacks
Read more
Be grateful

And you might have scored these day 1 as


Well now you score them again out of 10 to compare yourself to the start to see your growth and change through this 21DTC. For example


This is a challenge against you - nobody else, to be your best. Once you have done the scores (day 1 and day 21) then simply write 100 words (or less) on how you feel and what is different about you thanks to the 21DTC.

Finally, record your start weight and your weight tomorrow. The...

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Beware Of This Trap


When we are going well we can start to think that it is not happening fast enough. We lose sight of how far we have come. Habits creep up on us, good and bad, and the mistake we make is to lose sight of the small incremental changes taking place.

Celebrate the small wins and the big ones will come. We do not see how far we have come because we live with ourselves everyday. It is often only when we catch up with old friends that we see the dramatic change in ourselves and the person we are now becoming.


What to do right now

Make sure the fridge is full of good food, especially this time of year. Take snacks our protein shake with you when you are out. Park a block away from where you are going. Let’s have a quick reset on the basics.

Remember, success is the boring stuff repeated daily. It is not glamorous. It all comes down to compounding and the fact that we get good at what we do over time, if we keep doing it.


And here is a thought…

We hear so...

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