It's Great To Be Alive, Isn't it !?


It’s great to be alive isn’t it, but for many of us it wasn't always this way. I know what it is like to be in the darkness thinking that you will never come out.

When we begin to shift the "stinking thinking" and change the way we look at things, the things we look at change (Wayne Dyer interview) Video Link. We begin to step into the light. But it takes time and work.

I spent many years in the dark thinking that my life was destined to be one of sorrow and sadness, regret and fear. And I am here to tell you today that you can change all of that. If I can, you can, if you are willing to commit.

I had the gift of desperation so I began the journey of change, looking inside myself for the answers rather than blaming the outside world. When we are in the dark we medicate with food and alcohol. We use these numbing agents to give us temporary relief.

There comes a time we you decide enough is enough and you make the decision to change. Give some thought today to...

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