Choose To Get Good at What You Do

Choose to get good at what you do.

Choose to get good at life. If what you're doing is not working, change. Seek the truth, find the answers.

Weightloss, work, life, relationships. You can have an incredible life if you change the lens. You have to dump the old story. "I've always been fat, I've never had money, never found true love, work is hard".

These are stories and past content in your life, not your present moment reality.

The hard work is believing that's it possible for you to be great. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, apologise where needed. Move forward.

And most of all don't see the present moment as a means to an end. It is NOT. The working unit of your life is NOW not when. "When is a fictitious mind based narrative", it is not reality. Come back to reality (NOW) AND PRACTICE intense presence here now. Be playful with now. No agenda. Just do your very best with what's in front of you today.

This is the key to high performance as a happier time on earth.
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The Disease of More (And How It Wants to Stop You From Reaching Your Goals)

G’day ,

I’ve got an addictive personality.

A little never feels like enough for me. In fact, enough never feels like enough.

I always want to have that little bit more of everything.

I call it the “disease of more” and it stopped me from ever feeling truly fulfilled in my life. After all, how can I achieve fulfilment if I’m always looking for more?

I found myself in that position because I hadn’t done the deep work on myself. I thought always wanting more was the mindset that I needed, especially in business.

Here’s an example of what this mindset does to you.

At 22, I founded Vision Personal Training. And that business skyrocketed. It was really pumping and things were going well. The business ended up with a ton of franchises everywhere and I seemed to have everything I wanted.

But I got bored of that in about 5 years. I wasn’t happy with what I achieved. I just wanted whatever came next.

Next, next, next.

My life became all about...

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