Get to Your Pain so That You Can Break Through

I talk a lot about emotional eating.

That’s when the weight of the world weighs so heavy on your shoulders that the only thing that makes you feel better is to eat. You give in to your cravings and you just gorge yourself on so much food.

I know it’s a problem for a lot of people. Because let’s face it. You’re not going to find yourself 40 or 50 kilos overweight if you’re not binge eating to some extent. And usually, there’s an emotional issue that’s causing you to binge.

So what does it all mean for you if you want to break that cycle and start losing weight?

It’s all about accepting your own vulnerability and digging deeper into yourself. You’re looking for your pain point.

That’s the one bit of darkness inside that’s causing you to go and medicate yourself with food, drink, or whatever addiction you might have.

You have to confront that pain point. If you don’t, everything else you do is just a Band-Aid over...

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The Five Things Tool (And How it Makes Weight Loss a By-Product)

I’m always telling people that weight loss isn’t the real goal. It’s just the by-product of getting your mindset right.

The more weight loss becomes a by-product in your life, the more weight you’re going to lose.

Getting rid of your problems and making changes in your life are the real goals.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Grab a piece of paper and write down the numbers 1 to 5. Now, list five things that you want to improve.

Get really specific here. For example, one of your things might be to eat less sugar. Or you might want to consume less caffeine. Maybe you want to knock alcohol on the head.

These five things can be anything as long as they’re specific to you.

Once you’ve got your list, attach a rating to each of your five things. Just a number from 1 to 10 to describe the amount of pain this problem causes you. The higher the number, the more pain.

If you’re following my 21-day plan, you’ve done this already. If...

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Create Your Home Setting Today

I want you to take a look at your computer for a moment.

You see that home button, right. No matter what you do with your computer, you can use that home button to get back to where you started.

Look at your other devices. They’ve all got the same thing. Your phone, your tablet, or whatever you have has a home button.

Where am I going with this?

I want you to create a home setting for your mind. And here’s where that home setting takes you:

Highest and best.

That’s your default. It’s the place you’re going to come back to whenever life leads you anywhere.

Maybe your problems have knocked you off course. Maybe you’re experiencing some pain. You’ve binged on food or something and feel a bit off.

It can be enough to derail all of your weight loss efforts. Those feelings of guilt for going off track can wreak havoc on your mindset.

Just press the mental home button. Get back to where you need to be – highest and best.


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How Alicia Grabbed Life by the Horns (Instead of Waiting for Things to Get Better)

I always tell my clients one thing.

You can’t wait for life to get better.

 Life will always have complications.

 It’s always going to throw up hurdles and barriers that could stop you from achieving success in any goal you have.

So you can’t wait.

You have to learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you just run out of time.

 TJM tribe member Alicia found herself struggling to find her happiness. She says she had an addiction to sugar that was taking over her life. Combine that with coffee and you have a lethal cocktail.

 Alicia was also taking various prescription medications for anxiety that she wanted to kick. Now, I don’t recommend people to automatically come off their medication when they start The Jowett Method. That’s something for you and your doctor to work out. But Alicia wanted to get away from them and she had the green light to try.

 Mindset was the biggest barrier that Alicia faced when trying to overcome these...

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Don't Numb the Joy and Love


Here is a terrific video to watch on vulnerability and why we numb.

The problem is that we cannot numb the bad emotions without numbing the good. We numb it all. You have heard me talk about numbing agents before (namely food and alcohol). This video reinforces those thoughts and provides a strategy.

This video got me super excited this morning because it massively reinforces everything we do here in TJM.

"The Power of Vulnerability"

This is the absolute path to breakthrough, change and most important of all, happiness. And of course the byproduct of this will always be weight loss and improved health, reduced addictions.

Let's talk more about this tonight


Geoff x

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Here Is Your Copy [FREE]


I wanted to give you a copy of this to read over the holidays. 6 strategies to lose weight and build your best life.


This is the important mindset stuff critical to creating lasting change. I hope you enjoy!


See you tonight

Geoff x

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Weightloss requires an understanding of the self


Weightloss requires an understanding of the self. Why do you self medicate with food? 
It's not until you address these questions that you can be trim for life. 
You will always revert back to old dysfunctional pain avoidance strategies through food. These do not serve you. You are a slave to them. 
You must learn to focus on long term consequences of short term feel goods. (Food alcohol drugs)

Weightloss it's easy when you work on the neck up. Mindset is key. Without mindset training weightloss is almost impossible because food will always control you. 
#tjm #weightloss #health #happiness#selflove #fitness

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