You have to check out this incredible Australian, Stacey Copas.

growth resilience strength Aug 22, 2018


If you're feeling flat or low, or perhaps hosting your own pity party for one, you have to check out this incredible Australian, Stacey Copas. 
At age 12 Stacey suffered a horrific accident leaving her a quadriplegic, but in true champion fashion, that's where her success journey began. Out of her pain she found strength. She is incredible. Please read her book HOW TO BE RESILIENT. THE BLUEPRINT FOR GETTING RESULTS WHEN THINGS DON'T GO TO PLAN
Her story and strength is brilliant. And I'm in awe of this amazing Aussie Repost @staceycopas
Fabulous to catch up with the inspiring @thegeoffjowett at my favourite Sydney spot MCA Cafe. Make sure you follow him, amazing story of the highs and lows in business and life we can all learn so much from  #beyourbest #beofservice#thejowettmethod #networking#keynotespeakers #resilient#howtoberesilient #strength #growth#comeback

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