It's Great To Be Alive, Isn't it !?


It’s great to be alive isn’t it, but for many of us it wasn't always this way. I know what it is like to be in the darkness thinking that you will never come out.

When we begin to shift the "stinking thinking" and change the way we look at things, the things we look at change (Wayne Dyer interview) Video Link. We begin to step into the light. But it takes time and work.

I spent many years in the dark thinking that my life was destined to be one of sorrow and sadness, regret and fear. And I am here to tell you today that you can change all of that. If I can, you can, if you are willing to commit.

I had the gift of desperation so I began the journey of change, looking inside myself for the answers rather than blaming the outside world. When we are in the dark we medicate with food and alcohol. We use these numbing agents to give us temporary relief.

There comes a time we you decide enough is enough and you make the decision to change. Give some thought today to...

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Transformation Challenge Starts Jan 7


Happy New Year !!

I hope you had a wonderful evening last night with family and friends bringing in the new year. We now have a blank canvas to create whatever we want in 2019. This can be your year!

Do you want to...

  • Lose some weight
  • Reduce alcohol
  • Change mindset
  • Have more success
  • Be happier

if you answered yes to any of these - I know TJM is for you!

You registered your interest to join my New Years Evolution program starting Jan 7 and I am so excited that you did.

The results achieved last year by members were incredible - mind, body, life. People lost a huge amount of weight and got their mojo back and I know that you can too.

If you are ready to get started today simply go to and sign up now. I will be LIVE at 7pm for video coaching to ensure you start the year right.

You get your own buddy, a mentor (someone who is at goal weight), walk n talk clubs, live coaching daily, members websites and reference guides, recipes and so much more.

Plus, if...

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21 Day Transformation Challenge - What To Do Now


Tomorrow is the end of the 21 day Transformation Challenge (21DTC). If you want to enter your results (and be a chance to win 1 month coaching with myself valued at $1200) this is what you need to do and submit by Sunday 30th Dec.

When we started I said to pick 5 areas of your life, habits, routines, eating, exercise, that you wanted to improve and score them out of 10. Tomorrow you need to do that again. For example, you might have said you wanted to

Sleep more
Drink less
Have snacks
Read more
Be grateful

And you might have scored these day 1 as


Well now you score them again out of 10 to compare yourself to the start to see your growth and change through this 21DTC. For example


This is a challenge against you - nobody else, to be your best. Once you have done the scores (day 1 and day 21) then simply write 100 words (or less) on how you feel and what is different about you thanks to the 21DTC.

Finally, record your start weight and your weight tomorrow. The...

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Now Available To Order - “How To Be Trim Without The Gym” (AVAILABLE MAY 2019)


I am super excited to write you today with big news. I have teamed up with Wilkinson Publishing to release in paperback edition

“How To Be Trim Without The Gym” (AVAILABLE FEB 2019)

You can pre order a copy today simply by clicking here now

You may have downloaded Exercise Makes You Fat as an ebook, well this is in part that book but now with some new chapters on mindset, finally in paperback.

So many people asked me for Exercise makes You Fat as a paperback book, so here it is under the new title with brand new chapters at the end.
To get your copy of How To Be Trim Without The Gym click here to order.

I am really proud of this book as it explains the root cause of weight gain, where we have been going wrong in the past and what to do now. This book picks up where Bodytrim left off and it is really everything I have learnt over the past 4 years about weight loss, food addiction, mindset and...

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6 Habits of People Who Live Well


Happy Tuesday. See you in 30 minutes for the LIVE. Following on from last night here are 6 habits of people who live well.

They play the long game

It is not what you can do in 6 months you should be focused on but rather where you can be in 6 years and the person you will become. Successful people focus on the long game, not the quick wins. Fast weight loss is great but where will you be in 5+ years. Get those habits locked in now to guarantee your future success

They focus on today

The working unit of your life is now yet all too few engage in it. They are always too worried about tomorrow. Get clear on your goals and then go deep in the process.

They understand compounding

Nothing good happens fast. You have to stick at something long enough to get the compounding effect. Every professional was once an amateur starting out and it is the same with your weight loss journey. We get good at what we do but if we keep chopping and changing we can never get better.

You must stay...

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What Success Looks Like


How many companies make a fortune and go bust? I did twice!
How many people lose weight and put it back on? LOTS

Fast is not best. Solid is best. You need a solid foundation otherwise it will always fall apart. I want you to redefine what success looks like today in your life.

If you don't put weight on - success
If you drink less booze - success
If you give up smoking - success
If you are growing inside - success
If you are happier - success
If you start to love you again - success
If you practice gratitude - success
If you trust the process - success
if you get the toxic people out - success

These are the markers, not just a fast result. The weight loss will come. Be kind to you and know how far you have come.

I have done stuff fast and it always breaks. The goal must be sustainable progress. It is an inside job. When we change our thinking we change our life.

Everyone wants the fast track but it is fools gold. You have to do the work each day (on you) and then success will creep up...

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Weightloss requires an understanding of the self


Weightloss requires an understanding of the self. Why do you self medicate with food? 
It's not until you address these questions that you can be trim for life. 
You will always revert back to old dysfunctional pain avoidance strategies through food. These do not serve you. You are a slave to them. 
You must learn to focus on long term consequences of short term feel goods. (Food alcohol drugs)

Weightloss it's easy when you work on the neck up. Mindset is key. Without mindset training weightloss is almost impossible because food will always control you. 
#tjm #weightloss #health #happiness#selflove #fitness

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