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One of the last century’s most legendary athletes, tennis star Arthur Ashe, explained the role of mindset in success. He said that “you are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.”

Across Australia right now, thousands of athletes at all levels struggle to attain on their own the joy that Ashe describes. When athletes compete against themselves, they take on self-doubt, motivation, the burdens of high expectations from others, and responsibilities to themselves and teammates. Athlete mindset training from The Jowett Method can help anyone undergo the mental preparation needed to take on these opponents and win.


The Jowett Method and Sports Coaching

Geoff Jowett overcame a number of challenges to achieve success. These include the piling up of poor life choices, as well as an addiction to alcohol. Geoff made a choice to fight for his life and also a better quality of living. Through focus, discipline, and hard work, he overcame.

Now he wants to pass the techniques that worked for him on to those who need more help than a traditional sports coach can offer. 

The Jowett Method features live personal coaching every business day at 6 AM. Sessions offer clients ways to focus their efforts on positive development while ignoring negative impulses from others or even yourself.

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Athletes will learn about the self-sabotaging habits and decisions that keep them from achieving their potential as individuals and/or teammates. The Jowett Method uses these ideas to build a mental foundation that channels behaviour from poor choices that make people “feel good” in the moment, but also take their eyes off of what will bring both success and life happiness in the long term. 

Participants also enjoy access to the full set of mindset coaching resources collected and produced by Geoff over the years.

Geoff’s clients report that The Jowett Method has served as a critical step in restoring their motivation and confidence through preparation and discipline. 

Anyone can put The Jowett Method to work toward their own success for a surprisingly reasonable price. Check out Geoff’s full range of services and resources on his site.

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A coaching legend who understood the nature of winning once said that “without self-discipline, success is impossible. Period.”

The Jowett Method helps to instil the kind of confidence and discipline needed to overcome obstacles in both sports and life.

Contact Geoff today if you have any questions or wish to sign up as a client for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. 

Change your mindset. Change your body. Change your life.


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