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Though he did not always practice what he preached, American philosopher, scientist, and statesman Benjamin Franklin wisely urged people to think properly about food. 

“Eat to live, live not to eat,” he said.  He also explained that “to lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.

In other words, he pioneered diet coaching, along with a number of other fields.

The original diet coach understood that the right way to diet starts with having the proper mindset. Food should serve as fuel for your body’s engine and nothing more. We must use mindset training to strip our psyches of the emotional and cultural baggage surrounding food -- baggage that leads to unhealthy eating practices.

Take a look at our Australia-based community, and learn about how we achieve weight loss and other goals.

People all over Australia are changing their life with TJM. Check out some of these success stories. Come and join the movement today! 

THE PROMISE: Try for 30 days and if you don't love TJM - YOU GET A FULL REFUND

Helen lost 65kg

"I just love TJM - this has totally changed my life. My outlook is different, it really is the mindset stuff that has changed for me. Thank you Geoff you have completely changed my life."

Amanda lost 61kg

"No words can express how I feel. I wanted to lose weight to be able to ride my horses again - and now I am. I just love this process and the friends I have made along the way. Forever grateful."

Jenny lost 100kg

"We get coached twice a day LIVE by Geoff in TJM - morning and night - that’s the difference and what keeps us on track. We stay motivated and focused. I am 67 years old and in the best shape of my life thanks to Geoff and TJM. The community is so supportive and the mindset training has change me inside and out."

Kylie lost 10kg

"Thank you TJM! Over the years I had tried all the diets but I could never stick to them. TJM changed my mindset and then it was easy. With TJM I lost 10kg in 8 weeks without the gym, and I feel incredible - mind and body. I have 2 young kids and run a very busy household so to all the mums out there - if I can do this - so can you. This is real, this works, trust the process!"

Paul lost 14kg

"I have been a personal trainer my entire life but at 60 years of age I thought I was destined to now carry extra weight. It just wasn't coming off anymore from the exercise. Then I found The Jowett Method and mindset training and I lost 14kg in 12 weeks. TJM helped me stop comfort eating and the rest is history. Thanks Geoff "

Paul lost 44kg

"This will work for anyone who commits to giving it a go and watches the LIVE coaching videos. I am a busy bloke on the go with business and life - and thanks to TJM I have never felt better. But more than that, it has flowed into other areas of my life. My standards are higher at work and across the board I expect more of myself."

Cassie lost 20kg

"I was an unhealthy and unhappy 85kg. Since joining TJM I have lost 20kg and kept it off for 6 months by changing my eating habits through mindset. Without the help of Geoff and TJM I would still un unhappy and overweight. Forever grateful, thank you!"

Mandy lost 21kg

"Thank God I found TJM. The last few years had been really tough - lots of changes and ups and downs and I blew out to my heaviest and most unhappiest self. In 5 months with TJM I lost 21kg and I am the happiest I have been in my life. This changes your outlook on life and the weight falls off. "

Nat lost 27kg

“I am over the moon happy! For as long as I can remember I have been super busy and overweight. As a vet, I own and manage 4 clinics in SA and every day is full of surprises and stress. TJM is the only thing that has changed my mindset for weight loss and how I look at food."

Maryann lost 42kg

"I had struggled with my weight all my life, up down up like a yoyo. That was before I found The Jowett Method and tribe. I watch the live videos each day and they have changed my mindset."

Join a "walk & talk" group near you

Take part in "walk & talk" groups around Australia and feel the connection. Develop quality relationships with like minded people motivating each other.
Connection is one of the key components of The Jowett Method that makes it unique. You are not alone on your journey - the tribe is here to help.


The Jowett Method

The Jowett Method takes weight loss to a new plane of thinking. Each individual has internal and external triggers that can spark the kind of emotional eating and binge eating that can cause a range of health problems and harm your quality of life. 

Geoff Jowett, the creator of this important coaching method, understands that food serves as a catalyst for celebration and comfort. Unfortunately, relying too much on food in either instance can afflict your body and mind. 

Weight loss motivation starts when you understand the red flags that lead to harmful eating, and address these flags before you eat.

You must also let go of conventional and self-destructive responses to overeating, which often include guilt, shame, and frustration. These negative emotional responses only weaken your mental strength, reduce motivation, and open the door for more problems eating.

Although we recommend joining to get the full benefit of our unique weight loss inspiration program, we have provided a number of helpful resources to get you started on your journey.



Mindset holds the key to weight loss not strenuous exercise. When you change your relationship with food you lose all the weight you want. Work with Geoff twice a day to change your mindset around weight loss and food.

Daily LIVE check ins keep you motivated, accountable and on track. There really is no other program with this level of live interaction and accountability with the head coach every day.

Geoff is with you every step of the way.

Food for fuel not comfort. Food is not the comfort source and TJM shows you how to do this.


• Do you medicate or celebrate with food?

• Are you an emotional or comfort eater?


• Do you hate going to the gym everyday to lose weight?


If you answered yes to ANY of the above, you have to try TJM - mindset coaching for weight loss. Train your mind and your body will follow.


Importance of Doing Weight Loss the Right Way

Weight loss does more for an individual than simply boost health and reduce the chance of disease. Issues with weight can sap mental energy and strength while leading to additional stress and anxiety. If the mind does not have a healthy outlook and balance, the body will soon follow this negativity.

That is why the Jowett method targets the individual’s mindset to improve his or her emotional well-being. More importantly, most who struggle with weight have a psychological food addiction. When treating addictive behaviours, experts agree that treating the mind is as, if not more, important than treating the body. 

Working with the mind through coaching bears more fruit than conventional techniques. Too many people lose weight through dieting. They deprive themselves of food until they lose the desired amount of weight, then gradually fall back into the same mindset and habits that caused the weight gain in the first place.

What the Jowett Method Is and Is Not

The Jowett Method is a community of individuals who work together towards achieving real goals. Members also receives coaching that helps them to overcome internal barriers to find success in weight loss. 

We are not a typical or traditional weight loss approach, however. We have no meal plans, no points, and no overpriced products for you to buy. When you join, you gain access to support and assistance.

Reach Out Today

Too many see weight loss as an unending struggle or as a barrier between themselves and a happier, healthier life. We prefer to see it as a journey, with our caring staff using the Jowett Method as a proven guide to better, more permanent results. 

Join today.  For as little as a daily cup of coffee, you could be on your way to not only weight loss, but a healthier mindset and self-image.


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